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The Beach Boys 'Let Him Run Wild' Remix Beat 🤖 Featuring 7L of Czarface 

The Beach Boys 'Let Him Run Wild' Remix Beat Featuring  7L of CZARFACE on razor sharp cuts and scratches

As heard on Sail On: The Beach Boys Podcast

Very very very special thank you to DJ 7L The Devastator for elevating this reimagining.

And congratulations to Czarface for having 2 new songs featured in the new Marvel Comics film VENOM: Let There Be Carnage!!!!

This beat originally released on Adieu Or Die

The Beach Boys 'Child Is Father Of The Man' + 'Funky Pretty' Remix Beat 

"We're gonna go out and see that thing in the sky. The last time it happened was in 1860. They thought the world was coming to an end...

The Beach Boys 'Child Is Father Of The Man' + 'Funky Pretty' remix beat I made. As heard on Sail On: The Beach Boys Podcast.

Music As A Lighthouse 

the feeling you get 
when you're looking for the next song 
to really connect with 
whenever your head strong 
there's always a playlist 
always a lost gem to get you through phases 
and then when you find it, you're outta your head 
your into the skyline  
and centered again

Above is a set of lyrics I wrote yesterday while working on a new song. Music is a very special gift. Life can be difficult at times. My hope for you is that in every phase of life, you can pull from the infinite well of sound and rhythm, and in doing so, you can be empowered to carry on and weather the everchanging forces this world presents. 

music: Lighthouse (Parts 1 and 2)
film footage: "Baron Prášil" by Karel Zeman 

Metro Tower 👾👾👾 (Super Nintendo BANGER) 

If you know this song, I salute you! This energetic polyphony stuck with me since I rented "Rocky Rodent" from Stop 'N' Go video back in 1993.

The jump from the Nintendo Entertainment System to Super Nintendo was powerful in that era. I remember there weren't more than 6 or 7 titles to rent at the store, because SNES was in it's infancy.

I used a Synergy I synthesizer for this recreation, and I included it on my "16 Bit Ones" project.

Photo taken at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico
music composed by Rikei Hirashima
this version performed by Will C.

Supermoon 🌕 (Under The Supermoon) 

Under the Supermoon we met...

Waltz time side quests ✨ The chorus section is my take on "Sunflower"-era Bruce Johnston through a hypnotic prism.

Thank God for the Casiotone MT-100 keyboard I found in the furniture section of a local thrift store for $7.99.

written by Will C.
artwork by eldowho
from the soundtrack to our children's book "Din Dins"