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The Beach Boys 'Child Is Father Of The Man' + 'Funky Pretty' Remix Beat 

"We're gonna go out and see that thing in the sky. The last time it happened was in 1860. They thought the world was coming to an end...

The Beach Boys 'Child Is Father Of The Man' + 'Funky Pretty' remix beat I made. As heard on Sail On: The Beach Boys Podcast.

Music As A Lighthouse 

the feeling you get 
when you're looking for the next song 
to really connect with 
whenever your head strong 
there's always a playlist 
always a lost gem to get you through phases 
and then when you find it, you're outta your head 
your into the skyline  
and centered again

Above is a set of lyrics I wrote yesterday while working on a new song. Music is a very special gift. Life can be difficult at times. My hope for you is that in every phase of life, you can pull from the infinite well of sound and rhythm, and in doing so, you can be empowered to carry on and weather the everchanging forces this world presents. 

music: Lighthouse (Parts 1 and 2)
film footage: "Baron Prášil" by Karel Zeman