Mr. Magic's Rap Attack | Beastie Boys Dis | Wack Records Of 1987 Countdown | January 2nd, 1988 

Mr. Magic vs. No Sleep Till Brooklyn! 

What other songs make the Wack Records of 1987 Countdown on this January 2nd, 1988 broadcast of the Rap Attack? From the legendary radio host whose unparalleled knack for talking shit motivated KRS-One to write "South Bronx" + "The Bridge Is Over." 

[Mr. Magic:] Anybody with a name that has "Ski" at the end of it means that he's a cubby-ski. Know what a cubby-ski is? A person who has no identity! Yeah you can use it as a frisbee * chucks record across the room * 

[Mr. Magic:] The #1 record that was weak as water… we can't even play it because it mentions another DJ down the dial and because of my contract I am not allowed to mention him. But you know who he is, and he thinks he's a great man. It's open season on ducks. 

For those confused as to what record occupied the #1 slot here, the answer lies in Magic's comments typed above. The B-side...

Doug E. Fresh Interview | Mr. Magic's Rap Attack | January 1st, 1988 | Top Records Of 1987 Countdown 

Friday January 1st, 1988. 

Doug E. Fresh stops by 107.5 WBLS to the Mr. Magic's Rap Attack show. He's just returned from Africa where the Get Fresh Crew were the first rap artists to perform at Gorée Island in Senegal. Magic mentions Slick Rick’s new record “The Ruler’s Back.” Just a couple years back they were putting out "The Show" & "La-Di-Da-Di" together. 

Also peep the 1987 Top 20 Records of the Year Rap Attack countdown list! 

Magic mentions the upcoming WBLS Sure Shots vs. KISS basketball game January 15th at Madison Square Garden, and talks about the Top 10 Wack Records Of The Year 1987 Rap Attack Countdown that would take place on January 2nd's show. It's also revealed that Mr. Magic was the one who came up with Doug's "World's Greatest Entertainer" moniker.

[Mr. Magic:] Ricky D came out with something real def too, we played it last week… World Premiere 

[Doug E. Fresh:] Yeah? I didn't even hear it. What's the name of it? 

Among other things discussed... 

[Doug E. Fresh:] "Raw" is a def record! That's my man! I like that. And I'm not mad to say I like it… 

[Marley Marl:] * laughing * 

[Doug E. Fresh:] ...We toured the whole United States with the LL Cool J tour but when we got back to New York, all of a sudden they took us off." 

[Mr. Magic:] Accidentally on purpose. 

[Doug E. Fresh:] Yeah, accidentally. But I'm not mad at 'em. You Can't keep a good man down. It's like that. 

[Mr. Magic:] Looking over the top 20 records for '87 there's a lot of new names here. A lot of the previous rappers seem to have taken '87 off. What do you think is the difference between the rappers of yesteryear as opposed to all the new guys on the block?

Roxanne Shanté & Fly Ty • Live @ Studio 54 • Mr. Magic Rap Attack • WHBI 105.9 FM • March 16th, 1985 

Fly Ty and Roxanne Shanté bring you the "Rap Attack Update" live from Studio 54 in New York City. 

From the era of the Roxanne Wars! Shanté disses The Real Roxanne and  Studio 54, the club she just performed at! 

"I think she quit her job. She's not gonna work anymore. She was a  tall, red head girl. You know, the usual, 23rd and Ely looking chick.  In case you don't know what 23rd and Ely is, forget about it, you  don't wanna know..." - Roxanne Shanté 

From the March 16th, 1985 broadcast of the Mr. Magic Rap Attack on 105.9, WHBI FM 

Notice Shanté shouting out Starrlite, who is a Juice Crew legend and the individual responsible for preserving this fantastic moment in radio history. She is pictured with Fly Ty in this video.

RARE Paul C McKasty Interview | Mr. Magic Rap Attack 1987 | Mikey D & The LA Posse  

While I'm sitting here stunned that we're coming up on the ten year mark since I released "Down The Dial" with Mr. Magic, I think it's a good opportunity to take a look back once again at some long lost electrifying moments in radio history. As the data stored on old beaten up cassettes begins to crumble, now is a critical time to preserve pinnacle broadcasts from the golden age of rap. 

Let's take a look at the dichotomy of "Rap Attack"-era Mr. Magic. A few years back I posted some audio from the November 6th, 1987 broadcast of the Rap Attack where Magic is no doubt dissing Mikey D & The LA Posse's "I Get Rough" (included in this upload): 

"C'mon, everybody knows LA is sauce" 

This is where things get interesting. After I posted the November 6th 1987 Rap Attack clip, hip hop icon Mikey D reached out to me with another piece of the puzzle. On a following night, Magic actually had Mikey D and producing legend Paul C on the Rap Attack for an interview! I have to give Mikey D a big shout out for reaching out and sharing this amazing time capsule from NYC radio. It's a rare experience to hear Paul C, who was a prolific musician and mentor of production icon Large Professor, speak with Mr. Magic about making records. Thank you Mikey D!!! People need to hear this. 

Magic did a similar 180 when he dissed Public Enemy hard and then praised them later on when "Don't Believe The Hype" dropped. I kicked off "Down The Dial" with the February 21, 1987 edition of the Rap Attack, when he drops his infamous "No More Music By The Suckers" line.