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Oak Lonetree "Satellite" (produced by Will C.) 

Time to propel into outer orbit once again 📡

"Satellite" ⭐ The stars aligned for this one!

The melody that comes in at 0:30 is a prayer to Eric B. and Rakim's "My Melody." I played it on a Casio MT-100 to get the vibe right!

Something about the effervescence of Hip Hop in the early days blended with the wondermint of students in science class circa 1979 really inspires me and moves my soul.

Written and performed by Oak Lonetree
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Will C.

"Everything Must Glow" coming 02/22/22!

Oak Lonetree "No Matter What" (produced by Will C.) 

The liberation of low sample time!

"No Matter What" ⚡ another heavy sound from Oak Lonetree!

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Will C.

We came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and we're all outta bubblegum.

Full Album "Everything Must Glow" coming 02/22/22!

Old School 80s BMX Bike Footage ✨🚴✨ Compilation 

Short compilation of 80s era BMX bike footage.

Starts with segments from the cult classic film "Rad," and then shifts into some more obscure and lost-to-VHS fuzzy memories. Music: "Air Man" by Will C.

The Beach Boys 'Til I Die' 💀 Remix Beat (Brian Wilson, Surf's Up) 

"I got the burgers, I got the fries..."

The Beach Boys 'Til I Die' Remix Beat

Remix by Will C.

As heard on "Sail On: The Beach Boys Podcast"

Portions of this edit are from the remix project "Adieu Or Die."

In Life, With Love ⛈️ (Rain) 

For every kalimba pluck, a rain drop...

You feel emotions inside
and you can show them
in time you're older and wise
and you'll be knowing

It takes good timin' in life
it takes good timin' with love

Sometimes it's raining outside
sometimes it's raining in life
I know that you'll be okay
embrace the water in rain

Some friendships last and some fall
and some recover
don't try to master it all
and love your brother

"In Life, With Love"
written by Will C.
artwork by eldowho
from the soundtrack to our children's book "Din Dins"