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Hypnotism! (Dream Beats) 


Do you know what the prearranged signal is?

A few moments ago you were hypnotised and told that shortly after awakening, you would be given a signal, which would put you back to sleep again.


Now do you remember? You're awake, aren't you?

A few moments after you have awakened, I shall rap like this...

Don't 😴
Beat Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Will C.

Interstellar Alignment 🪐 (MPC One Loops) 

Interstellar Alignment 🪐

Step into the stars with this beat!

I'm back with the Apache Blackgrass. Had a quick stop on the left coast to watch the waves decay. Now I'm back at the control deck locked in with the MPC One, looking out a window facing west towards the Rocky Mountains. Using my imagination to visualize the whole house surrounding me is a spaceship traveling far. Come along for the journey!

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Will C.

Supertape '83 (Amphitheater Loops) 

Super MCs ⭐

Some high powered theme music to get you feeling invincible!

Usually from week to week I have a certain song that is motivating me. This week it's "Verbal Clap" by De La Soul.

Beat by Will C.
Footage from Wild Style

Higher Calling (Telephone Loops) 

Phone is ringing, OH MY GOD

Telephone backgrounds on a clear day.

The other day I bought a golden MPC One. The last MPC I had was a 1000 model, and it has been out of commision for several years. The 1000 had grey pads. These new MPCs have buttons that light up in a multitude of colors. It speaks to the early 90s translucent phone with green light up buttons side of me, and I like that.

Here's a fun loopable section of the first beat I made on the new MPC One!