Mr. Magic's Rap Attack | Beastie Boys Dis | Wack Records Of 1987 Countdown | January 2nd, 1988

Mr. Magic vs. No Sleep Till Brooklyn! 

What other songs make the Wack Records of 1987 Countdown on this January 2nd, 1988 broadcast of the Rap Attack? From the legendary radio host whose unparalleled knack for talking shit motivated KRS-One to write "South Bronx" + "The Bridge Is Over." 

[Mr. Magic:] Anybody with a name that has "Ski" at the end of it means that he's a cubby-ski. Know what a cubby-ski is? A person who has no identity! Yeah you can use it as a frisbee * chucks record across the room * 

[Mr. Magic:] The #1 record that was weak as water… we can't even play it because it mentions another DJ down the dial and because of my contract I am not allowed to mention him. But you know who he is, and he thinks he's a great man. It's open season on ducks. 

For those confused as to what record occupied the #1 slot here, the answer lies in Magic's comments typed above. The B-side...

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