From the recording Spark In The Dark

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Damn God Clap Louder

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rock shock the house!
this is your main man
with the game plan
Will C.
an insane cat
that can rap

damn god clap louder
the truth is
I ain't written no rhymes in a while
the proof is
when I'm "Long Red"-'n
long spreading
far reaching, Longs Peak'n
I'm seeking
your ears and, you're hearing
something special
Will C.'s been around with credentials
doing time on planet Earth'n
real working, realize your worth and jump in!
Bongo Band might spin again
all ya damn kids kick it bland
so now I'm not even rhyming no more
just breaking his jaw and making ya hit the floor
so sudden, you're thudding, that ground'n
back down man, you're clowning
around man trying to boost this
you need to get your own style, don't act stupid

damn god clap louder

man I can take a sample you know
convert it to a stampede trampling clones
you heard it here first, they're amateur dolts
as a matter of fact, I'm banishing punks
check the melody
put it to tape and
get you a break and
weigh (in) on what you've been feeling
way out sounds that you're keeping caged in
or say out loud that you're mega basic… proud?
asking where the hell I've been
and expecting a deep response
I said god damn man you gotta move on
damn god clap louder