1. Comma Trauma

From the recording Omega Supreme Soundwave

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mr. transistor blister rides again
been mystified since i decided
ten times better designs'll take time and cheddar
won't bind with bread so fives climb to Ben or
Grant bills i ventilate, stand stills i generate
Grant Hill's are over the ant's building, second rate
i demand chills, you see these hand skills?
an underground alien: E.T. landfills
see Will is smooth when preparing a rare speech
and hearing the basement in the way that a chair squeaks
okay (Oh, Kaye), Carol lay into that bass
and Tom'll lay in the grass, it's class, it's that great
honeysuckle breeze with the sax on acetate
stereo mix of "do it again" master tape
and though i got that spiritual vibe
i still scream putting fear in there mind, like you know why

i got tracks that have most cats scratching
don't mean jiggas on wax with traction
they beam "where'd you find that stack, just askin'?"
with plaques behind glass and poster's framed
good for you
but keepin' it sealed is known as lame
a pissing competition isn't lost tradition
afraid to cause friction on a groove is sickening
and this ain't your dad's damn hi-fi setup
where if he catches ya checkin the spines twice he's fed up
hey i slice and shred up, guillotine no question
don't wanna be dead with pristine collections
inherit it, kid you might see the best things
or unhinge if you seek astronomy
and know that you're that small, remote sonically
becoming upset with what you're not? then follow me
or be possessed by the Gods demonically like

comma trauma