1. Fly Trap

From the recording Omega Supreme Soundwave

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this is the legendary
the kool
the dj the red alert
we about to make it happen
right here for you right now ok?
so why don't you just go ahead
and just check it out for yourself!

unplanned duplication

so i clash with erica, never mean to be rude
inevitably leads to leaving you
alas, rehashed beef with no control
i can see it's clear we both need to roam, accept it
my young friends went from avoiding weddings
and giving mic checks to liking nice women to fight with
to saying they tied knots with heaven, expert war methods
them of course reckless
i'm a man, not desolate dependent
see i holler zen, they trap and cage brethren
they grasp and make gents of your basket case friends
and emasculate them
besides love there's less action i'd bet
like a castanet chattering, snapping in cliques/clicks
so as i laugh at haste, badgering
ask if they're proud of their path, they have to say "yes"

living fast's a fly trap
cats'll trade in passion for lilacs
half'll get played and find that
that living fast's a fly trap

we became lovers before we were friends

Sue we're back together again, between me and you
i'll never besiege or be mean to you
and as, years passed yield broken homes
you experience fear of being old and alone, and dread it
you once intended for a story book ending
as in a white picket fence and bright type to end your life with
instead might knot-tie with second
best for the record, before the friendship's
foundation base is yet well cemented
Whodini warned me way back age eleven
chase that and may end up
with sappy lame dates unhappy state tense
like that does it with trashy bar searching
I'm glad to get settled with Sue, my safe bet
but as i gravitate at her ask if i'm glad
or if my actions mask my fate "yes"

living fast's a fly trap
cats'll trade in passion for lilacs
half'll get played and find that
that living fast's a fly trap

son i'm past the bad weather between me and sue
i dreaded the scene, she split me from you
a task, we snapped, she hoped for control
seeing media tears, pleads for me to go, i left it
the fun ended, a divorce is severing
all of it is a mess and it's my life
adults are childish and let the tied knot lesson
left for the dead, weak wars of sexes
this sets the stage, a lot less presence
who warned me "pause"? aw to hell with it
hey after this settles we'll see with new lenses
relax, some days vent
we rise above it and as of late there's a miraculous
end to the drastic weight stress
you're all hoping that marriage is magic
like "honey will you please do that?" you'll say "yes"