From the recording Omega Supreme Soundwave

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yo I'm playing devil's advocate, damn it i got a mac it fits
amulets of a lacquer i'm scanning and panning accurate
sanding the wax to patterns and damaging pads i'm tapping
i'm wearing commands down 'til the coolin' fan that's in back of it's
stamped inadequate, amateurs synching flatter kicks and
the kid you panned as the devil is linked to Nazareth's man
sifting through pallets, i'm a wiz with data chips
i don't sing no sadder pitch, no re-neering as a mix
i can make a swell jingle with some string and gravel bits
with more reverb than Rammell and "king" and gavel hits
that'll sting your passages and singe your fabrics
here's a message for cats making beats that are out of it
put your drum in R bass and the kit is a thick thunder
put a kick on the one and define a hit number
add a filter to this and your prime or just slumber
or get steamrolled by my goals and you're gonna

get with it idiot this isn't simple pity
this kid isn't an affiliate really we can't get rid of this
synonym for a silly bitch, pistol whip with the rhythm i'm serious
i could flip out and hit him if he is really this
dumb 'til i'm furious, dumpin' for fun or nothing
isn't worth it, i'm above it but a herb in your circle is worthless
we put together the freshest clique 'til ya threw in a wrench in it
'til ya flew in from exodus to be friends with us
'til all of our expenditures went into your irrelevant shit
talking loud saying nothing sucker ventriloquist
i'm crushin' bustin' with diligence, gettin' filaments lit
has become a business and i'm winnin' in it
i'm willing to bet - i'm comet speed admonishing improper and quick
you're in the middle of it pummeled by sticks hitting drums
so go fuck yourself you simpleton crumbs
it's my rhyme vs. your frustrated Wimbledon grunts
you're a dunce