From the recording Omega Supreme Soundwave

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I don't play drums good
I'm a shitty drummer

fifteenth anniversary Brick
Eddie Bones gave dap to me after i spit
called Life After God "Devo," man how classic is this?
dis track, i'm snapping on those who acted as if
your man Will C. wasn't Mr. Magic's
Juice Crew affiliate and this is madness
i called up MC Shan one day and he said that
he'd been thinking 'bout a talk we had back when: fact
Premier said it on the radio...
"shouts to Will C. ya know what I'm sayin',
who was part of the whole Juice Crew"
... i made it pro
truths un-fadeable but i once was silent
'bout the fact you were jealous cause my cuts were violent
when i clutch the mic you are in flux designing your set
considering miming mine depressed
when i left the first time you rejoiced openly
but your group's record should've been called "We Clash Vocally"

Will C. don't go, Will C. don't go
no more dicking around, i'm sticking around
the mic that i'm using ain't something ya touch
you'll have a hard time admitting that i'm fucking you up, say

Will C. don't go, Will C. don't go
no more playing with you, i like devastating
look me in the eyes 'cause i'm never joking
confess that my rhyme hexed your serotonin

pipe it down for a second
i don't usually do this
hey, cool the guitar!

where to begin, why did i leave?
they say "why didn't ya call?" but didn't you see?
Eli's Prism got spins on the BBC
but my own so called friends would try to chump me
i found that funny
didn't think they had a leg to stand on
now the leg's a bum knee
act above me, and it reminds me
of the new Pope's doves getting crushed divinely
you notice these days the voices are shaky
they block my calls 'cause they know that they played me
yet one time a friend from Germany did it
let him sleep on my couch and he became a critic
'cause the beats that he made were recycling others
if you don't recognize Public Enemy sucker
how you gonna be the boy who reviews my music?
i'll Shelley Duvall ya'll, come question Kubrick

one more!

believe it or not, the official voice of hip hop
i am super rockin' Mr. Magic
welcoming you and yours
with the newest member of the Juice Crew
my man Will C.
some brand new flavor on your radio!