1. Locate Zero

From the recording Omega Supreme Soundwave

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disappearing act, they're fearing that i'm returning
while i'm gearing up, defeat's burden and sink feeling
heart in cleats for the weak
now it ain't that smart to spar 'cause my reach isn't Boston thin
resurrect the leach that brought oxygen
out of the lungs of one Washington
or play Alan Burr to Aggie Rock
hippies that rock ten dollar moccasins, Hamilton not my kin
i used to rent Colisseum Video
and watch Macho Man talking to Arsenio
really though i'm all about Carlos playing brass on a Synergy
while flying over the Rockies, you kiddin' me?
lose your head Wendy, orchestrate villain in me
oscillate imagery i'll rock ya infinitely
no need for a spinach can
you need a comparison? i hit with a Lennox hand
you're lifting a centigram in sentence land