1. Constellation

From the recording Eldorado

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[Verse 1]:

she left town about a week ago
she took a spaceship to the stars
I found a love note by the wheat bread loaf
it said I'll miss you while I'm gone
and now I'm all alone not feeling great
and staying up 'til the break of dawn
you know her watercolor paints on a page
create a world where we belong so won't ya


come back my baby, I need you in my life

[back back, baby come back, back,
baby come back, back, baby come back,
wop, di-di-dit]

my baby don't stray from our constellation

rock, roll, rollin' and a rock-in'

doo wop doo wop

[Verse 2]:

I like to walk to a part of town
where I know most haven't found
from there I breathe deep, reach inner peace
and hear the tree breeze wanderin' 'round
remember - no matter how far away you are
to keep my love in your heart, and that the
next time I see your face
I'm gonna feel like I'm on top
so won't ya