Evil in the mirror cover no text
Evil in the mirror cover no text
  1. The Places

From the album Evil In The Mirror

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Produced by Clokwork


[Verse 1:]

The box that rocks, over the top, open heart
Such a pain, cut the veins that chauffeur blood to your thoughts
In other words your soft, my word play is shocking to the brain
Which sends waves to your eyes to gaze for a pot to spew
Stay colossal, ya know it’s due to days of boxing dudes
Twice my age with a fade and a lot to prove
I took a break now I’m breaking molecules, space will swallow you
My momma read me “The Chronicles”
Bought me replica weapons the rebels and Han used
From walking in Sonic’s shoes to wondering if bottles were soluble
On the cover of the Biz "Diabolical"
Came into my own now I'm doing my own thing
Was cutting "In Control," now ya love to coke binge
Selling out shows but your next to no gigs
Don't mean to brag, hell I guess that's showbiz

[Verse 2:]

Now if it wasn't a fact why the fuck would you rap that?
At the age you are, I would hope you're past that stage
Of saying raps just to state your name
Wash your hands and turn the page
And pardon the way that I be slaving over intricate flows
To show people who crafted theirs years ago
I flow over fat tracks, the people froze
And said “Who was that cat rapping after Stone?”
You know on “Just Rhyming,” known to hush giants
Pros will get shy and most will get silent
This shit is bolstering, open eyelids
Roasting the iris... dryness
Survive at the brink of destruction
Surrounded by kings of omega corruption
Because of that fact I was sent and shook up things
Now you do the math and retract assumptions
And give me respect

“As long as you know that”

I can see through you, your world is a past I grew through

A world where new school is old and old is unusual

Return to form ain’t a method if you’re set to conform

Depth perception is a mess ‘til you enter the storm


[Verse 3:]

Gotta give it a rest, disperse energy, test your worth mentally
Get my perks telling the extroverts get a clean exit first
From making records, search for a real check to splurge
Tuck in your purse and work steadily
Copasetic he’s no celebrity
He’s so dope we don’t need to tell him
He’s flow with chemistry, so ahead of me
Sauvignon to O type of enemies