Lyrics geometric. Colorful sounds to help you hover over in the summer weather. Get equipped with ethereal bliss from a faraway corner of the cosmos, or feel the power of a record like the bodyslammin' "Omega Supreme Soundwave." Will C.'s catalog paints a third-eye-open landscape filled with stray VHS noise, dusted loops, spaced-out synthesis, and endless wild styles.

Summer 2017 Releases:

• Marley Marl | "The Symphony" (Will C.'s Almost Summer '88 Mix) - Out Now
• Will C. x Carpenters | "Bless The Beats & Children" - Out Now
• Will C. | "Air Man" - Out Now

Air Man

by Will C.

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Hazy in the distance, riding the sky like the crest of a wave soars the Air Man.

This summer, Colorado's # 1 beat creator Will C. is moonlighting as an axe man, levitating to the sound of the six string. Also known as the episode where Will C. sends an electric guitar into orbit.

We Could Win [ASCAP]

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