Evil in the mirror cover no text
Evil in the mirror cover no text

From the album Evil In The Mirror

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Featuring MC Esoteric of Czarface


[Will C.- Verse 1:]

Son of Seamus, spawn of God Awful, ageless
On some ensemble A-list
Days ahead head cases
We're taking bread like in Les Mis, we're dangerous
Hanging frames over beige cliffs on grave shifts
Placing lames in concave pits with strange quips
Daisy chain and you lay stiff, the anguish
Waste away and we plate hits
Problematic rap, new brand of misfits
I’m the cat who brought back banning KISS lips
On a battle track all you brandish is fists
And land a swing about as hard as a phantom limb hits
You plan to live rich in candle-lit Ritz
With sand and rivulets but can’t abridge this
You squares is dismissed, you swear that Rik Smits’
The man and your fan but you’re handed pink slips

[Esoteric.- Verse 2:]

Banned in hoods, move in Animal Planet woods
Jeru in Amazon- damaged goods
When in the lab tell your mom and your dad
I catch bodies like cannibal vomit bags
I put the “man” in Mantronix, slamming the Onyx
Satanic demonic and the fans be up on it
With the green kinda like the Celts
Flow with lungs of Michael Phelps, if you like yourself
Drop the mic, it helps, run with ____
You a con man but not like Biz was
Cats got it out for me so I live in infamy
You put on a voice like Marley in “The Symphony”
You be on the low like I am up in Kittery
I’m so for real, move to York on a snow mobile
With the Will Curley, I’m like early Kane
Big Daddy or Sigmund Freud
Avoid the pigs when they’re deployed
Orally demoralized, get destroyed
Many metamorphosize, melt a droid
We write the songs, I’m a live motivator
Darth Vader with the cross fader
Sabertooth, got a cave that’s a booth
No cape, Weapon X
Twisting necks, _____ to the hiss of Memorex

[Will C.- Verse 3:]

I rock “Peace of Mind” and “Supreme Jam”
Peace to Jawn P TCC fam
My lady sweat her, it’s always the next man
Stop like Finesse jam we Hennig suplex slam
Perfect rhyme to your decent line
I’ll swing a Easton stick through your teeth and spine
See I was 3 when Ed O.G. was signed
And G Rap’s seed trashed Venetian blinds
Seem inclined to rhyme live in beastin’ mode
In a sequel like repeating “Keep control”
Gun talk seems weak and old
You only pack a peach-tinted pinch of Skoal
But Esoteric’s a vet / Yvette like the girl to whom Cool J’s letter’s addressed
I move records the best
Your boom bap who’s who moved decimal checks
Now who’s better? Who’s fresher? Who never forgets?
Whose immeasurable depth is smooth soon as he steps in rooms
Fire a slug, I’ll shoot Epsoms through ‘em
They never knew I’d be the next to bloom
My intelligence is next to few of ’em if they don’t get me screw ‘em,
Boo ‘em