Elis prism new art a
Elis prism new art a
  1. A Walk On The Moon

From the album Eli's Prism

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it's the outro
ya know it
it's the outro
say no more

I'm ghost I'm gone
until I return to burn

you know what that means
I'm 'bout to shout out my team
all the microphone fiends
deejays and all between

Esoteric - rock on, and
to my homeboy
Boycott Blues - rock on, and
to my mellow my man, Blacastan
rock on, and
Raheem Jamal - rock, rock on, and

nobody gets to where they're going
without some peo[le helping them along the way
that's why I've got to say
Raydar Ellis - rock on, and
you know, for believing in me
putting me on
bringing me to Brick back in the day

to my Mom and my Dad
to the man of the hour
the brother, the brother
big Brick
Karma, Papa D
I'll say it again
Moog Master Chris for helping a friend

"the magic is here"

I'm not finished yet
gotta say what's up to Rugged One
and Kool DJ Red Alert for having my back
yo Wolf, good looking
if I'm correct you lived in Brooklyn

check the liners
there's more