Music As A Lighthouse

the feeling you get 
when you're looking for the next song 
to really connect with 
whenever your head strong 
there's always a playlist 
always a lost gem to get you through phases 
and then when you find it, you're outta

Metro Tower 👾👾👾 (Super Nintendo BANGER)

If you know this song, I salute you! This energetic polyphony stuck with me since I rented "Rocky Rodent" from Stop 'N' Go video back in 1993.

The jump from the Nintendo Entertainment System to Super Nintendo was powerful…

Supermoon 🌕 (Under The Supermoon)

Under the Supermoon we met...

Waltz time side quests ✨ The chorus section is my take on "Sunflower"-era Bruce Johnston through a hypnotic prism.

Thank God for the Casiotone MT-100 keyboard I found in the furniture section of…