Doug E. Fresh Interview | Mr. Magic's Rap Attack | January 1st, 1988 | Top Records Of 1987 Countdown

Friday January 1st, 1988. 

Doug E. Fresh stops by 107.5 WBLS to the Mr. Magic's Rap Attack show. He's just returned from Africa where the Get Fresh Crew were the first rap artists to perform at Gorée Island in Senegal. Magic mentions Slick Rick’s new record “The Ruler’s Back.” Just a couple years back they were putting out "The Show" & "La-Di-Da-Di" together. 

Also peep the 1987 Top 20 Records of the Year Rap Attack countdown list! 

Magic mentions the upcoming WBLS Sure Shots vs. KISS basketball game January 15th at Madison Square Garden, and talks about the Top 10 Wack Records Of The Year 1987 Rap Attack Countdown that would take place on January 2nd's show. It's also revealed that Mr. Magic was the one who came up with Doug's "World's Greatest Entertainer" moniker.

[Mr. Magic:] Ricky D came out with something real def too, we played it last week… World Premiere 

[Doug E. Fresh:] Yeah? I didn't even hear it. What's the name of it? 

Among other things discussed... 

[Doug E. Fresh:] "Raw" is a def record! That's my man! I like that. And I'm not mad to say I like it… 

[Marley Marl:] * laughing * 

[Doug E. Fresh:] ...We toured the whole United States with the LL Cool J tour but when we got back to New York, all of a sudden they took us off." 

[Mr. Magic:] Accidentally on purpose. 

[Doug E. Fresh:] Yeah, accidentally. But I'm not mad at 'em. You Can't keep a good man down. It's like that. 

[Mr. Magic:] Looking over the top 20 records for '87 there's a lot of new names here. A lot of the previous rappers seem to have taken '87 off. What do you think is the difference between the rappers of yesteryear as opposed to all the new guys on the block?

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