In Life, With Love ⛈️ (Rain)

For every kalimba pluck, a rain drop...

You feel emotions inside
and you can show them
in time you're older and wise
and you'll be knowing

It takes good timin' in life
it takes good timin' with love

Sometimes it's…

New Song: "Graduation"

I've officially completed a degree in Music Therapy, so naturally I made a song with an underlying melancholic vibe to celebrate.

all instruments, production, mixing,
+ mastering by Will C.

Music As A Lighthouse

the feeling you get 
when you're looking for the next song 
to really connect with 
whenever your head strong 
there's always a playlist 
always a lost gem to get you through phases 
and then when you find it, you're outta

Metro Tower 👾👾👾 (Super Nintendo BANGER)

If you know this song, I salute you! This energetic polyphony stuck with me since I rented "Rocky Rodent" from Stop 'N' Go video back in 1993.

The jump from the Nintendo Entertainment System to Super Nintendo was powerful…

Supermoon 🌕 (Under The Supermoon)

Under the Supermoon we met...

Waltz time side quests ✨ The chorus section is my take on "Sunflower"-era Bruce Johnston through a hypnotic prism.

Thank God for the Casiotone MT-100 keyboard I found in the furniture section of…