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Evil in the mirror cover no text
  1. Recurring Dream

From the album Evil In The Mirror

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They say all news is bad when all is forgotten

So change the channel and examine your options

It’s a dream recurring

[Verse 1:]

I’m flipping this note ‘cause it fits in sound
To a kick I stripped from a Mr. Brown
And the ticks are eighth notes synched and gelled
With the jingled change from a wishing well
And hell in my opinion is a river to cross
The bridge insufficient for the city’s exhaust
In the Mississippi in the middle of traffic
Try to swim like a fish in a six-pack plastic ring
(No) you won’t make it kid
I mean, 22 months, it makes me cringe
And the walls are not, the pavements thin
22 months to train to swim
Or fade away with angels, I often fail
Let me explain the coffin’s nail, it goes
K Acetate was sprayed to make black ice drip and peel
Friction grip Michelin wheels
Acidic mix over years would crack the ground
Break the bridge’s makeup, ask around
Baffling how all news is rotten, and
With each new batch old’s forgotten, and
Though my mind’s physically in Boston
My brain will slip into death too often


“Have you ever been in the darkness
Have you ever been in the darkness
Have you ever been in the darkness
In a place you don’t know?”

[Verse 2:]

I never learned to swim right
Now I’m immersed in a dim light, I burst a wind-pipe
My speech exerts these words at midnight
In a “place you don’t -"
I never learned how to live with fear
Almost crashed my car off a bridge this year
Almost saw my dreams be crystal clear
In a “place you don’t -"
If the scenes are blurring, it’s a dream recurring
Bricks to feet assuring six feet deep in current
Spins and groans and shaking, Winslow Homer paintings
Mass to Maine to Satan, castaway and vacant
Masquerade in an empty section
A sudden jerk is my resurrection
A bed drenched in wet sweat, a thirst to quench next
I toss and turn and rework my headrest
My dad said our minds will race
But yo- with no TV he stays awake
And check it- my fate will lie in the painless
In my mind’s subconscious anguish, and
Though my brain still will race in grey-ness
My damn pillowcase will erase the dangerous now

“Place you don’t know”

Slip away, slip away, slip away in a

“In a place you don’t know”

Find a way, find a way, find a way in a

“In a place you don’t know”

Far away, far away, far away in a

“In a place you don’t know”