Evil in the mirror cover no text
Evil in the mirror cover no text
  1. Uncle Owen (Extended Re-edit)

From the album Evil In The Mirror

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Produced by Clokwork


[Verse 1:]

Lando Calrissian toys and Colt swallowing
Ammo is missing, deploy the host slaughtering jokes
Wanna battle, I know it, I call it comical
We potent as Kal-El with no coat and Coke-bottle goggles
It’s phenomenal rap- the flow is water, you’re soluble
Even worse, I demolish Avogadro’s of molecules
Honest, y’all ain’t been on some shit to get the city up
Monopolizing sorrowful songs for wretched pity fucks
Mix is menacing, clip the levels, better than crisp
Spit to mechanisms seconds’ll tick
And minutes visually and physically I’m iron and braun
Eyeing a blonde, simonize when I’m flying with Han
Casually blast anatomy, evaporate calories
Will’ll structure emphatics and erratically snap
See I splatter cats in acid and molten rock
They shout out like Blastmaster did Robocop


“Word, I use to take chemistry and physics”
Diminish the critics, dimwitted, and cynics
Administer kicks over clicks-per-minute
Add words and you can take chemistry and physics
“Word, I used to take chemistry and physics”
Adding bits of hits in sync with digits
Clok mixed the shit, Brick flipped the finish
God damn, I used to take chemistry and physics

[Verse 2:]

You know the record, the opening Uncle Owen interrogate
Supposing it’s encoded with etiquette
And if “The Show” is exposing devil shit
A gold exoskeleton delegate is so intelligent
We know your fate lies
Cold, like if you’re rolling snake eyes
A swollen face getting poked with steak knives
Your last date made a show for Dateline
C’s divine like 105 dot number what?
Supreme like team Duck Rock “Double Dutch”
Playing “Bubble Bunch” in June ‘82
“You got the tape?” – probably ain’t gonna play it for you
‘Cause nowadays cats live in doubt
And don’t fit what they spit about
So I’m a rip cat’s livers out
Like 7L cut “Think About It”