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Evil in the mirror cover no text
  1. Be Yourself Syndrome

From the album Evil In The Mirror

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Catch the will to be yourself syndrome
Images shift, kid ya fell victim
Big achievements, the hits precede wisdom
Weeks between change in speak, freak the fiction

[Verse 1:]

In any order it occurs the poor saps
Are regretting words they forced on a four track
Fans scammed of course, playing door mats
To artists whose own allure they matured past
Growth’s expected, quotes corrected
Though your older records set the tone
So the bolder method’s slow conception
Through your own acceptance self control
But keep in mind it won’t happen overnight
More like an unspoken code alright
Despite fortunate types, y’all might find your image
Destroyed if you hide behind a gimmick
Silly as it seems a fabric we weave
From the web of our vast beliefs
Use the word “fag” in a rap and see
A few cats might add that to passive speech
Craft a masterpiece, tracks that actually
Capture accurately your path unbeaten
Bring back relief from cookie cut physiques
Be cooking up the heat instead of tweaking
Slight changes, fight the anguish
So the next time your mic sights a stage
I might hear your life portrayed right, away with fake types
A phase, I stay bright today, just


[Verse 2:]

At any minute yo the slickest will dash
And retract what they were thinking and renege and relapse
Saying, “To hell with it” switching and belittling cats
Playing themselves saying they don’t even listen to rap
Above it, their next disc seems weak and plummets
When even fans say, “This beat kicks the bucket”
See people can’t say, “This seems deep,” because it
Is sans-street and you can’t tease see-through puppets
They fumble and fuck up a pass they had getting gassed away
If rap’s acting class then recast the play
Really a bull dichotomy that’s a fact
Trivial like the bottom of Snapple caps
So you won’t see me cameo quick
Or much features on the span of a disc, enough rambling
Of no samples now, manning a synth
With no heart like The Anvil is sick, but abandoning this
Ain’t being yourself, it’s a mix
Of yes men saying, “Fam, it’s a hit,” the damage is quick
When paired with a slanted view, a fantasy splits
A man in two where duality is cancerous
So if you make a song that ain’t sounding right
You gotta catch the will to put down the mic
And if you don’t know how I’m so precise
You gotta catch the Will C. show tonight, and then