Evil in the mirror cover no text
Evil in the mirror cover no text
  1. Infinite Hourglass

From the album Evil In The Mirror

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[Verse 1:]

On the one the bomb track begun, the Braun scratch’ll numb
The mallrats and crumbs’ll fall back
I snatch the partial drums, breach the quantum leaps
Frost the rock alum treats with pops and hums
And I bend back peaks and troughs of drums
And I spend lost sleep concocting tons
So while you rock sun block, I blocked the sun
Thoughts accosting ‘em, alarm clock’s a gun
The dawn is a landmine
But we know the watch is a product of mankind
Minutes tick and we wanna dissolve time
I spit three sixteens / 3:16s like Austin fan’s signs
Super cynical of schedule ties, irrelevant
Why ya stressing when ya telling the time?
Eyes’ll rest when the record is developing shine
And even then, I’ll assemble better second design, ‘cause I’m

[Verse 2:]

A journalist was blatantly rude
The grain of salt he didn’t take consumed
And placed in a tube that I’ll shape to a cone
In a basic room where it drains alone
So emcees, I’m a take a challenger
Who claims he’s violent when the only thing he breaks is character
Hourglass a calendar, the big hand smacking ya dudes
Your crew’s leader’s eye-patch masks lavender bruise
While your peers carried tunes over soft shit
I’ve seen the years converge to an off switch
I’ve seen the wings emerge from the sockets
You think that in cleansing your sins that you’re cautious
In clenching your spot in God’s mosque or house
But with more thought more partial doubt
And more scars, more tocks, you’re not devout
Until you body body rock in the hospital couch
In the arms of your spouse