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Evil in the mirror cover no text
  1. Alternate Earth

From the album Evil In The Mirror

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Produced by Nostalgic


[Verse 1:]

Dr. Boskonovitch, ominous, artificial tissue robotic shit
Dominant over all I’ve been caught up in
Marked- I got you quick, my pistol's hollow tips follow you
And you'll be saying, “You clipped us” / “Eucalyptus” like it's koala food
It got me nauseous, red devil tips drawn in pen on Obama pics
By white men in the closet was “crooked politics”
Manmade comets to the west getting demolished for profit
I lay in bed with my spread hemmed in garlic
Looking dead and psychotic, I'm mentally not meant to ever be harnessed
My lady friend went to Tennessee and said “Not it” to me
Ever since, I’ve been sonically free, I'll probably be
The guy the girl regretted not wanting
When he was young and on the cusp of what's ironically solemn
Like a blossoming rose bought for the top of a coffin, and yo
If this isn't fiction ya'll shifted my columns
The biblical Christians, the strike of a nation
Whose lives depend on crosses like pollination


Bottomless thoughts- lost
Sink into an alternate Earth- drop
Think about the possible plots in parts




[Verse 2:]

What if the city's backdrop's acrylic?
I'm really living in a Hollywood village, a set, a gimmick
I’ve been ripping for the lens and the cinema and the critics
Saying, “Will isn't addicting enough for television”
Hell, I’ve been in a pilot, I’m feeling something is out of place
Existing in atypical silence, Simon says, “Sign it ‘seis’”
Stored in a database
On folder kept in a black case in storage showing informants my bad taste
I ain’t important enough to be traced
Laced weed, fake world, my peers they’re nickel-based machines
With cheaply-made esteem
I’m a part of a human beings deepest dream, asleep, serene
Destined to be deceased by alarm machine screams
Forever lost when exhausted leaves the sheets
A paradoxical loss of breath
I square off with thoughts of death and lost concepts


[Verse 3:]

Awake sleeping at night, I might break the seams
I might think up fake things, believe the pain
What a tangled language we weave
I’ve mangled my dreams, I wake up and scream
Insane, a stage, naked teen
She’s nameless, a famous face, Maybelline, and it’s

Paranoia, paranoia, paranoia