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Evil in the mirror cover no text
  1. Water Ice (With A Gaseous Center)

From the album Evil In The Mirror

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[Verse 1:]

The world’s on a curve, the black tops are burning, a blur
A backdrop for fat chalk or swerving a fast car
Or permanent blast off- I’m building a spacecraft
‘Cause Earth has been capped off, I’m acting off
My brash thinking and classics by Asimov
I map distance and crack into Castle Rock
I’m light packing and fastened for after shock
And I’m leaving this world behind, ‘cause I made a
Spaceship that’ll break the chains
And bypass asteroids by which we’re contained
I’ll go it alone because I’m going insane
I wanna leave this world behind, well then
This ain’t Saginaw, this ain’t battlestar ships
This is seeing the pits in the tragic flaws
This is seeing the rich get the catalogue shift
While the poor get hit with a cattle prod
They say that death is a final switch that I’ll throw
From inside my private cockpit control
They rely on crossing star tips and prose
But deny the mark of paw prints will show
A man with his songs, the cosmic maze
Away from the rock that caught the plague
The mandible claw will scar my prey
Where the planets are small, they’re balls of clay

[Verse 3:]

I wrote the second verse jailed where rebels lurk
On a planet where I failed the weapon search
Walking past guard’s stares / stairs would never work
So I bartered with their mayor to settle Earth
Severe my sentence then repent to your gods
Gather my things and get the fuck outta dodge
Though my cause and effect were connected to fraud
The directions I lent would direct them to Mars
Follow stars that I pass ‘cause they’re after my ass
Didn’t know where I went, didn’t know who to ask
Then I separated the rings from Saturn, vast it shimmered
Like a blade when I slashed his innards
See it’s water ice with a gaseous center
A dirty rat, call him Master Splinter
“Too much snow white” like last December
Or a phone call on a Malcolm inter-
Now it’s smooth sailing as I pass the gap between
The explored and the force of tractor beams
The black holes and the potent acid dreams
At last home like it’s Otis and cats, serene