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Evil in the mirror cover no text
  1. It Ain't The 80s

From the album Evil In The Mirror

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[Verse 1:]

It ain’t the 80s but crack is still prevalent
Cats is still selling it, flasks is still yellowish
The offspring of Dad’s cast malevolent
From box-spring to cash to “the hell with it”
At work it’s understaffed, I can’t make enough
Melle Mel said Mac’s would make slaves of us
Too bad my heroes were basking in angel dust
It ain’t the 80s but cats remain Reagan fucked
Wrangler tough to trickle, paper cups with nickels
Faces cut with wrinkles, laces must be Finkled
Ray like Run ‘n’ ‘em but youngens will take this
And make it bubblegum and give it a facelift
They claim they’re troublesome but some of ‘em racist
So take your number son and struggle to play this
Role you made, in the olden days
You’d be “peace” with pain in your shoulder blades and nose
In the 80s in a stranglehold
It ain’t the 80s or the days of old, my man

[Verse 2:]

It ain’t the 80s but Caz is still hearing his
Raps from the 70s clash with his enemies
Lack of assembly craft while he’s quoting in caps
“AN the O-V-A” Wood, Brass, and Chromium backed
|At the shows it’s a Newark classic (Englewood!)
A bum deal in a Roulette jacket (Good!)
Some of Joe’s crew would adjust the brackets
But by ’02 it was dust and ashes
So pass the Sugar, I’m a massacre
And double up and dash and flatten rap mashuganas
Some of the punks I think they’re bluffing so I still have stress
Hummina hummina hummina nothing, you can kill that mess
I quoted Shan in my past rap, I thought I was past that
Back track like the back of my back slap
Alive since Little Mac was punch timing
And Frick ‘N’ Frack was omitted from “Just Rhymin’”