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Evil in the mirror cover no text
  1. Frog Among Queens

From the album Evil In The Mirror

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Will isn’t chillin’ kid, dominion dweller
The city is busy as hell and if we in it together
The people I’m passing’s expressions ain’t particularly telling it
And the better the weather, the more sicker the scent of it is
I made a plethora pre-dating my record
A clean slate to treasure, the scenes laced together
Will create my best- my first, last, my every
I’m perplexing many, I’m URB’s next milleni
In the belly of the beast the Mynocks will take ya
I cock my laser, mind raised in Asia
My fate is safe if I stick to my game
And if my britches don’t get bigger with a bit of a name
The bitterest lames is fickle, it’s as crystal as day
If you’re sick of the same shit just listen away
‘Cause this is something classic, it’s a calling to me
But when it’s cracked up it ain’t all it can be
It’s a frog among Queens