Almost summer ep orig cd baby final
Almost summer ep orig cd baby final
  1. Cannonball Pinball (feat. Fernace)

From the album Almost Summer

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always tactically, automatically not sporadically spittin'
once i'm rapidly hittin' then the tragedy's written
don't be a - mad at me listen, yo you need to understand
that i'm undercover and the blood will cover my hands
so i spit in the mic, what came out was different right?
the significant type, I never listen to hype
brought intuition to life, this is stone cold mission
i keep spittin' in mics tryin' to unfold wishes
you're washed like dirty dishes, I'm watched with thirty bitches
and clocked at 30 seconds I'm locked within the rhythm
check it - I stay as long as the day goes, ain't fuckin' with payrolls
when it comes to these words kid, I'm quicker than Macco's
now you're stuck like the lake froze, surrounded by eight poles
I continue to break bones always due to them fake poems
I'm ready to break dosha in the cave where the ape goes
it's just me and will c. , let's go and see how the day goes

once the skunk's lit, now you're rollin' with some Fern shit
once the skunk's lit, now you're rollin' with some Fern shit
burn it like a fernace against your epidermis
burn it like a fernace against your epidermis

[Will C.]:

impoverished children in what?
i don't get your rhyme
explain it

impoverished children in hell holes
fly clothes with gazelles and shell-toes and self respect
silence - the universe fell quiet
i took a wireless mic, united tribes in alliance
it's a science
until the only other sounds the sweep
of easy wind and all that downy flake
from town to space no atoms allowed to shake
and vibrate, i transmit live it's high stakes
on a megatron, earth's population watched
like Tom Edison, lit it ablaze, i ripped it onstage
the earth's population clapped to this
"you got excited, you almost snapped your wrist"
see it's a world tour, the thirst for more
I rip it like I'm cursin' yours in diverse corners
of the earth's curvatures and turfs recording rhymes
I'm the king the cat that has to go for mine
among - fixed gazes of all these eyes
my switch blade rap slashed the clouds in the sky
the rain - evaporated on flats
precipitation was crafted into vapors til you couldn't see past your face
in Asia, I was a basket case
my style was a cadence many could not grasp
a battle was wack
I couldn't hear what they had to say
but didn't fear I could smash all day
LP with a bass line something like Passion Play
have fun, roll his ass away, overcast display
gonna turn to clear skies,
Johnny the Fox, when will they realize, we destroy it