Elis prism new art a
Elis prism new art a
  1. Gates Of Time

From the album Eli's Prism

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alright, so coming next to the stage
is he ready?
Will C. let's go!
alright cool, this brother...
you might wanna learn a few things from this brother right here

change came at a bad time, I made it and flatlined
the Magic is gone now, in ways I'm past prime
my aim is to max out my shame in a mask blind
you need to listen
I was over the task but noticed change was coming
danger drumming, I felt it in my veins I'm something
I got it back now I'm golden and detained by nothing
I feel the pain that people feel when afraid of crumbling
in a straight line or a routine
where days'll be years and you'll be fearing your few dreams
your youth'll be cleared and you'll be leery of new scenes
and hearing the boos screamed
so come out of your shell
and when ya do it cat your happy as hell
human nature is wack, move in packs, do well
lose the group and ya crash, you collapse and yell
find a passion for this, final act and gel
like this

I'm thinking how the years flew by fast and blew right past me quicker
we grew typecast, through the plight clash and bicker
new gripes, a wine glass for liquor
then hiccup and pick up your pack and go
passion grows the minute that your absence known
like living fast is half rational
I blew a gasket, you told me I changed
a few gymnastics nobody praised but nobody phrased it clever
I made a choice, save face for better
I ain't trying to keep a hold of this hate forever
cause I've been living my life like I could never do wrong
when I could let it go and move on
but what to do if you were hearing a voice inside
saying you can make a choice, destroy your pride
see even if I think I'm right it ain't my style
I never fall from grace awaiting trial
I go to waste if I'm losing mine
cause of tick tock change through the gates of time

hey Will, how you doing?
this is DJ Red Alert
I know it's a surprise, it's been a long time
I'm calling to say how you doing, how you feeling
how you coming along?
get a chance, give me a call back
good day, all the best to you!