Elis prism new art a
Elis prism new art a
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From the album Eli's Prism

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Check it out, check it out one time now
Check it out, one time for divine now
Check it out, check it out one time now (going far)
Way back now...

They used to call me Will (C.)

In the town I was raised, I was
Gaining a rep for sounding okay, I was
Eyeing that Electribe to yes ya'll
In the rock shop, denying a Les Paul
I said okay 'cause I wasn't fresh, all
Wet beside the neck, wrecking "...Get Small"
But one time the belt in the deck snapped
I combined a set with the setback
My hand turned the jam to the dead wax
My man Fern commanded ya then clap for (C.)
'Cause even in the beginning
Before "Evil In The... was a sequel to vision
I'd chill with Reese and at recess you could be beaten to piss and
the trampoline with Nick and D yo I was seekin to pin 'em
We'd treat the mat as a ring and the spring as the ropes
When Johnny O. would emulate The Rock and wrestle me quotes
And toss a referee, back in '98 on a quest to be
The first to conquer Zelda "Ocarina" Deku Tree
I'd walk to Bobby's and The Sharper Edge and enter the
Downtown York Beach scene where Short Sands meets the (Sea)
The horizon poles is
Boon Island and Isles of Shoals
And the high tide sometimes arose
Over the dry sides to find the road
And when he wasn't showing flicks with the eyes of stone
Bum Billy would've said "Look at the size of those (waves)"
When I could wire a setup so my cassette of "Josie" teamed
With Joseph Webb, Tex and pro Lee jeans
But "...Like Sex" won't go with Monique she's
Left me cold lonely, Queens
Now the spots where I used to reside are replaced
With maintenance fade away into space defaced
My junior high is a parking lot, I barely can trace
The way I was and to fade with the changes aches
But don't let the pain invade at rates
To make greys, in Dave's I.G.A. with capes was Will (C.)
And the times that I speak on made me
Like the soft toss of Lindsey Cain's Spree
The Mario warp whistle in stage three
The Ship with the Lane's, my neighbors, daily
And trips in the rain to Tim's, today he's stayed
A best friend, Brett sends his praise, see they
Would both hang while I messed with break beats
Step editing bass, piece the edit to tape, teach
(And press it to disc) before assembling this
I was a buck twenty-seven with a venomous mix
And a basic cut that'll buzz the monitors
And a name that stuck, so yo bust the moniker
Will C.

hi Will, this is Andrew
just wanted to know if you wanted to come to the ship