Elis prism new art a
Elis prism new art a
  1. I Ain't Making It (feat. 7L)

From the album Eli's Prism

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Cuts by DJ 7L of Czarface


"He just kinda scratched his head thinking, 'What the fuck is going on here'? And I said,
'Well... I don't think we should quit.' It was discouraging. Just temporarily eclipsed is what happened…"

I know ya seen me on a youtube video
and my crew in a clip is who's who on vimeo
in the news I was hitting these dudes subliminal
in the UK saying Will C. can rhyme
I pace while I'm synching deep space and time
I make ya phase out humming a line I design, c'mon
Braun Beyonder knows me
everybody shows love when I walk in slowly
at a club getting dap from a cast of cronies
you mighta seen me with a cat from Sony
talkin that jargon about charting high
I was one behind Rakim in July
no lie, though you mighta not seen my face I ain't faking it
man who'm I kidding I ain't making it

mellow cool brother slicker than oil
rap gets so hot it makes the spit boil

you mighta noticed the fine print
for five years font size 5 was my niche
to grind gears Ronk got fly and looped up
I'm kicking that once I'm signed I'm souped up
I'm living that life I tried to wrap my head around
way back when Ren and that cat were getting down
and Snick was brand new, enhance view
the Brick advance and analyst's demands grew
all the interviews, all the shady 0s
jealous cats still have to pay me though
wack cats spit half the rate I flow
the weak cats bitch and don't smash the radio
whoa they know nothing, dopes grow curmudgeon
boom boom the bass to solo percussion
so goes the pace, we don't slow or rush in
stakes high like Soul Glo discussion
keep hushing i'm Ice-T-ing, Ice Cream alluding
Lumis discussing Judith to Judas with evil looming
I see ya clueless, no mistaking it
man whom i kidding i ain't making it

I ain't making it

from right to left, and left to right
when he cuts upon the tables his skills ignite