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The Man Noah Uman

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Mr. Noah Uman.  Recently, Flea Market Funk did a special “10 Questions” segment with the man himself.    Noah is a shining light in the music world.  A breath of fresh air, if you will.  With so many strong corrupted personalities making their way through the music industry, Noah is an exceptionally individual with a dedicated pure passion for music.  Flea Market Funk has done a wonderful thing with this feature -

Noah Uman, besides having one of the realest Hip Hop radio shows around, is a producer, publicist, reissuer of fine records, and all around great guy. A life long stint in the music industry has fueled his passion to keep good music alive whether it be through one of the records he reissues or his radio show Coffee Break for Heroes & Villians, which had a 7 year stint on college radio giant WFMU. Coffee Break is now back on the airwaves through the internet, thankfully, for all of you Hip Hop fiends to get your fix. This particular interview goes up there with Cosmo Baker and Pat James Longo as one of the longest I’ve done here at FMF (and I love it!). It’s cool when people are so passionate and inspired about music and what they do with it. Salute! So glad to have Noah aboard this week. Enjoy.

Check out the full article HERE